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In celebration of Mother’s Day and also the coming of summer, we decided to embark on the dreaded journey of the year…the hunt for the perfect swimsuit. UGH. The lighting, the mirrors, the very pale winter skin, the bruises, the BULGES that surely weren’t there last year.

“Why, oh why, have we decided to do this now?!”  She has a point. I mean, we have been binge stress eating while we wait for scores…oh wait, that was only me. I did that. Yet we continue on. Funny thing about shopping for clothes, swimsuits especially, is that we want another’s opinion on how it looks. I think the reason is that we don’t want to look completely ridiculous. What we found though is that the bulges that were HUGE to me, apparently they go unnoticed by onlookers.  The same holds true with others. So I guess the moral of the story is that we truly are our own worst enemies. We see all of our successes and they seem small in comparison with the huge flaws that we see within ourselves.

This time of year, as teachers, is quite similar to shopping for the perfect swimsuit. We look back on our work and see the flaws. We see our shortcomings and our near wins, and many times we make mountains out of mole hills.

When I look back at my year, I think of all of the ways I could have done a better job teaching, been a better team player, a better mom, a better wife. Many times we allow our negative outlook to overshadow the greatness we have accomplished this year. I am taking a stand and saying that this year, I am going to focus on the good. I am going to plan the awesome new ideas I have for teaching a unit, a specific lesson.

I know that for one, I am going to include a whole lot more STEM into my math and science lessons. In fact, I am determined to teach completely project/STEM based next year. You can follow that progression right here where it will be documented in acute detail.

For now, I want to look back at the year through a positive, determined filter with a sense of satisfaction. Now is the time to celebrate US! We did our best! We did a great job! I think we should focus on that!

In the end, we did find the perfect suits. The ones that will let us play like  kids with our kids at the water park and also the ones that are perfect for lazing around the pool watching our kids enjoy their summer while we plan how we will incorporate all we have learned this year into our plans for the one that will commence…just around the corner…


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